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Echo Speaker

Echo Speaker

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Transform Any Surface Into A Speaker!

The Echo Speaker is designed to turn any surface into a speaker. The speaker sends sounds waves into any surface to echo the noise and make it much louder  

1. Plugin my echospeaker™ for about 45 minutes, charge last about 7 - 8 hours
2. Connect echospeaker™ to anything in you desire
3. Play anything you like into echospeaker™, endless possibilities

Different Surfaces, Different Sounds

Echo Speaker™️ uses bone conduction technology to provide a sound experience that you may personalize yourself. Different sounds can be tested and heard - almost as though different instruments are being utilized. You can use it on a car hood, a bottle, a plastic storage box, photo frames, sports headphones, or even dashboards to get unique sound effects.

Small and Powerful

The speaker has a built-in 400mAh lithium battery, which can be charged for one hour, play for six hours, and has a long standby time for at least 240 hours. When you place the speaker on a hardwood surface, it produces a rich, natural sound. The speakers on the cardboard will give you the retro sound effect like a vinyl record.


Echo Speaker™️ is a multi-functional piece of art that allows you to listen to music, follow podcasts, have one-on-one phone conversations or conference calls, and even enjoy an excellent sound experience while playing games, videos, or movies on your smartphone.



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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Daniel Hobbs

works really well, didnt expect it to sound this louder

Kai Williamson
Really Cool

The sound quality is good for a speaker at this price, easy to pair, and fun to play around. It's my first bone conductive speaker. Im gonna Recommended.

Amanda joy

Now I can have music while I shower, without getting my phone messy

Allison byer

Works very well, mostly I use it in showers.